About me

My name is Gustavo Imusa, I’m musician, composer and singer songwriter.

I live in Patagonia. Far away from the big cities. In a small town next to the sea. This environment inspires me to write my songs.

The region where I live is amazing and I want the world to get to know it through my music. Through my songs I offer a musical journey to Patagonia.

My music has a regional and contemporary style that connects the aboriginal culture of the region, the folklore of Argentina, with modern elements of pop music. The texts of my songs are written mainly in Spanish and incorporate words and phrases from the languages of the Patagonian natives, Mapuche and Tehuelche.

My songs tell about the history, the landscapes and the biodiversity of Patagonia, and about the traditions and lives of us who live in this remote region, wild and little known to the rest of the world. Since more than 20 years, my music is dedicated to this special place.